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The objectives of the project are the following:
  • evaluating the role and opportunities of demand factors in stimulating the implementation of CSR – related tools by SMEs of the characterizing sector: level of social sensitization of firms and consumers, criteria of selection of products in the different areas of main destination of final goods and semimanufactured products (in an international scale), role (in terms of opportunities and constrains) of the large – scale organized retail trade, and so on
  • evaluating the role and opportunities of CSR in the innovation processes characterizing all the textile/clothing supply – chain, by means of the methods of analysis experimented in the EU RESPONSE project (Responsible and Sustainable Innovation for European SMEs).
  • evaluating role and opportunities of the credit and insurance actors in stimulating policies in favour of SMEs, explicating their diligence in implementing CSR – related instruments
  • evaluating the role of public policies (by means of the promotion of voluntary instruments, social public procurement, economic instruments, etc.) in stimulating the adoption of CSR – related tools by textile/clothing SMEs, and if the positive social and environmental effects of these policies are really able to influence the competitive performance of the interested companies
  • confirming the experimented “cluster approach” tested in the COOPERATE Project (Companies Operating in a Responsible Area and with Trasparent Ethics) as an useful methodology for integrating the CSR principles and CSR – related tools in the decisional processes of SMEs, through the relevant involvement of the so-called “intermediary” institutions (such as trade associations, local development agencies, trade unions, business consortia, …).
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