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The project consists in 4 main tasks:

TASK 1: Project management and communication
Management and control of activities of the project so to guarantee the effectiveness and quality of the actions undertaken as well as the respect of the time schedule foreseen; Drafting and submission to the Commission of exhaustive and detailed reports in order to describe the state of advancement of the project; Spreading of information about the updates of the projects to all the stakeholders during the whole period; diffusion of the results of the project.

TASK 2: State of the art and definition of the methodology of analysis
Definition of a detailed method for data collection of analytical variables in the field of SMEs competitiveness related to CSR (and their relationships with CSR approaches); sharing of the method between project partners and its validation by external supporters

TASK 3 : Data collection and elaboration
Collecting data by direct interviews or desk – research, concerning path dependency analysis between textile/clothing SMEs efficiency and CSR; data evaluation and cross- analysis of the outcomes

TASK 4 Policy proposal and in field tests
Policies identification based on analysis outcomes; strategies comparison among different working groups; policy feasibility evaluation and sharing outcomes with partners
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