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The following experimental actions will be carried out:

- Public Policies, Italy: collaboration in the drafting of a bi-partisan National law to boost competitiveness of SMEs adopting CSR tools.

- Public Policies, Italy: activation of a regional board with Tuscany Region (area Sustainable Development), with all the regional trade associations, with trade unions and ARPAT (Regional Agency for Environmental).

      The aim is the preparation of a draft regional law on administrative, controls and taxes simplification for SMEs adopting management social and environmental tools and reporting system recognized by international bodies (such as: EMAS, SA8000, GRI). Once the law is outlined, we’ll test the potential competitive economic advantage for a firm belonging to the textile / clothing or leather sector.

- Supply side, Spain: promotion of CSR activities in an innovative firm of textile sector (Cetemsa).  We’ll test tools aiming at highlighting the level of innovation in this enterprise rising from CSR tools adoption; moreover we’ll support the enterprise in evaluating the adoption of innovative green technologies.

- Supply side, Italy: implementation of EMAS at cluster level, in the Empolese Valdelsa clothing district. This process is coordinated by ASEV (Empolese Valdelsa Cluster Development Agency, Partner of the COSMIC project) under the methodological guide of Sant’Anna School.

      At local level a Promotion Committee has been officially constituted; it involves the most important local trade associations of the clothing sector (CNA, Confartigianato and Confindustria) and the local sectoral trade union (FILTEA – CGIL).

     The goal is to reach the EMAS APO, that is the National Certificate of Environmental excellence promoted by Italian EMAS Competent Body for simplifying the process of certification of SMEs operating in industrial clusters.

- Demand side, Italy: this action will be promoted in collaboration with Unicoop Tirreno, a leading Italian Consumer Cooperative.

      The purpose is to promote, inform and raise awareness of the member-consumers to purchase fair trade textiles. This will happen through educational activities in the Cooperative’s territories, and with a specific section on the Cooperative website reported to CSR.

- Credit side, France: At the moment, we have taken contacts with a large French banking group and with a French social rating company interested in the topic of credit to SMEs in the textile sector.


The experimental activities abstracts are available in the "Dowloands" section.



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